Dear AWSome Compost,

I want to thank you for consistently providing JW Landscape Design with quality compost and landscape blends for me and my clients. Since 2004, AWSome Compost has been delivering the highest quality compost and soil blends that work wonders on our projects. The results of your soil are seen in every landscape JW Landscape Design installs. Your professionalism and reliable deliveries make working with AWSome Compost even better!

For anyone that wants a thriving, organic landscape and lawn, I recommend using AWSome Compost and soil blends. You will not be disappointed in his product or service!

JW Landscape Design highly recommends that you use him if you want these same benefits. If you have any questions about what he did for us, call me at (512) 921-4400 or visit our website at for proof.

- Jack Williams
President, JW Landscape Design

I never had given much thought to “Organic Lawn Care” VS “Chemical Lawn Care”.  However, after I received a flyer on my door touting the benefits of AWSome Organic Products, I decided to read the back of the bag of fertilizer that I had left over in my garage. Yikes!!!!  I have 2 young kids and 3 small dogs.
I ordered AWSome Compost and it has only been a couple of weeks and my lawn looks good.
I feel so much better knowing my boys and pets are not rolling around in chemicals. Two of my neighbors have been so surprised they have asked me what I’ve done to make my lawn look so green.

- Damon W., Austin, TX

Keep up the great work!  My yard looks great.
I’m definitely using less water.
Just in time with the drought and all.

- Corey S., Round Rock, TX

WOW!!  I would have never thought my lawn
would be this green and healthy without chemicals.
I was skeptical when I received your flyer,
but now I’m a believer!

- Monty S., Georgetown, TX

My yard looks better this summer than ever before. I feel better too, knowing that compost applied by AWSome is benefitting the natural elements in the soil for a future, healthy yard.

- Patty S., Georgetown, TX

Great service! Great product! Lawn looks even better than ever. Couldn’t be more pleased.

- Anonymous, TX

After 12 years, the soil in our yard was badly depleted. AWSome covered our yard and flower beds with their organic compost. The grass and beds are lush again and doing a great job of supporting both existing and new plantings.

Jamie McKay was helpful in explaining what needed to be done. He was quick, prompt, neat and dependable. It was refreshing to deal with such a professional in the landscape business.

- Helena and Lee B., Round Rock, TX

I was very impressed with the results of the AWSome Compost treatment to our lawn. We saw a difference right away. I would highly recommend AWSome Compost for its natural effects and benefit to the environment.

- Mike R., Georgetown, TX

Just a quick note to say: Thanks for the beautiful lawn! I own a newly built home and noticed the grass was really having a hard time in one section. I noticed one of my neighbors dropping some sort of synthetic on his lawn and thought it might be time to do something for mine. I researched and found information about AWSome Compost. I called and spoke with James McKay, who confirmed my suspicions about the lack of good soil. A few weeks after laying the compost, I noticed mushrooms growing around the yard, which told me that the compost was full of life. Now, as the days are getting longer and hotter, my lawn looks amazing. My neighbor’s lawn? It looked good for a couple of weeks, but now has a series of brown spots and cannot compare to mine. I’m extremely pleased with the results and will be calling AWSome Compost every year.

- David D., Georgetown, TX


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