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5 Things manufacturers of synthetic fertilizers do not want you to know

Synthetic Fertilizer does nothing for your Soil

Although most people do not realize this simple fact, it is true. Synthetic Fertilizers feed your lawn quickly by giving it a quick shot of nutrients. It is the plant world equivalent of steroids. Much like in humans, the recipient appears healthy on the outside but underneath things aren’t as healthy as they seem.

Synthetic Fertilizers actually reduce beneficial Micro Organisms in the soil

Your soil has its own eco system. I won’t bore you with a micro biology lesson here but I will give you the simplified version. There are literally millions (possibly billions) of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, earthworms etc. living, eating, defecating, and dying in the soil of your lawn. These processes (when the eco system is healthy) provide your lawn with all the nutrition it needs. It is how plants have been nourished for millions of years prior to the advent of Synthetic Fertilizer. Synthetic Fertilizer actually kills off some of these micro organisms and reduces the ability of the soil to nourish the lawn.

Synthetic Fertilizers are gone within 6 weeks

When you apply Synthetic Fertilizer to your lawn, your grass takes what it needs very quickly. 99% of people use more fertilizer than the lawn can actually use. Whatever your lawn does not use washes down the gutter and into lakes, streams, rivers, and even the water supply. It is no longer feeding your lawn, in addition to creating environmental problems.

Synthetic Fertilizer is a major Non-Point source of water pollution

The Synthetic Fertilizer that is not used by your lawn washes into the gutter and into lakes,
streams, and rivers. The overabundance of nutrients stimulates the aquatic plant life
in these bodies of water. These plants in turn use more dissolved oxygen.
This harms the fish that live there. In addition, Synthetic Fertilizer reduces the
soil's capacity to retain nutrients. Therefore, sediment and other materials are also carried
into the bodies of water which creates even more pollution. Your lawn may be small
but when combined with thousands of others using Synthetic Fertilizers, it is a part of a big problem.

Synthetic Fertilizer can be harmful to children and Pets

Numerous scientific studies have found negative health consequences associated with synthetic lawn care products. Several studies link exposure to artificial lawn chemicals to an increased risk of cancer and other health problems in pets. Children are especially at risk for negative health consequences due to their size, physiological development and proximity to the ground.

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Obviously, Synthetic Fertilizers are not the answer
to giving your lawn the truly long term care it needs.

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